These master entertainers with their winning and warm personalities are called George n’ Teddy and have performed for over three decades.  And after a long hiatus, have returned to the Show Business Scene with a long list of personal achievement and major tours with such big name entertainers as Bill Cosby, The Righteous Brothers, Dionne Warwick, Redd Foxx, Sly and the Family Stone, and the world famous Beatles

George n Teddy opened shows for many popular acts in the 60’s and 70’s:  Vic Damone, Jack E. Leonard, and Rowan and Martin in Las Vegas to name a few, and have performed with The Beach Boys  and the great Stevie Wonder in front of a SRO crowd of forty thousand plus, at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.

They enjoyed a long running five-year engagement while working at the famous Condor Club in North Beach.  The Condor was later declared a California historical landmark in 1967 due to its 1960’s topless fame featuring Carol Doda.

Both men were raised in California, George in the North and Teddy in Southern California.  After a military stint Teddy migrated north to San Francisco and teamed with George in 1961, their first recording earning them a top 100 entry in the billboard ratings.  Using the name Don and Juan they recorded four single on the former Mala record label.

Eventually their huge following demanded more records, and George n’ Teddy signed with mammoth Records while working at the Condor Club, producing the live album “George  ‘n Teddy Every Night at The Condor.”

They later signed with Moe Austin and Warner Brothers Record as well as the Sinatra owned Reprise record label. A second album, titled “George ‘n Teddy Live at Ciros” was  recorded live in Hollywood, California and produced by Jimmy Bowen, one of the industry’s record top producers.  This album produced a European tour, where they appeared before large crowds in major British and Italian cities, performing with The Beatles during their world tour 1965.

The duo signed a third album deal in 1972 with MGM records and worked with Mack David and the Scotti Brothers Record group, a subsidiary, for the next five years.  They produced a single and a pop/rock Album entitles “Stop That Train”.  The release broke into the billboard top 100 charts.
Aside from having great success in the Night club circuit, George ‘n Teddy have enjoyed concert appearances opening shows for Redd Foxx for two years before settling in Los Angeles to concentrate on the recording business again in 1976. They continued to work with major entertainers like Diana Ross, Lou Rawls, Marvin Gaye, and Redd Foxx, opening shows and getting the audiences warmed up.

The legendary comedian Redd Foxx cast this fabulous duo in an episode of his popular television show “Sanford and Son” and said “If I had to vote for my favorite opening act it would be George ‘n Teddy the hardest working cats I ever met.”

They have also shown talent in other areas of show business, including movies and television roles.  They were described as “Master Entertainers” by the famous Las Vegas critic Forrest Duke during a stint in Las Vegas during the 80s.  For an update George ‘n Teddy are in the process of gathering material to issue a music CD and have engaged HB Barnum, producer of Aretha Franklin fame to produce it.  There is a television show in the works for sometime before the year 2000.
Like The Phoenix rising from the ashes, this well traveled and polished duo has the ability to always  leave an audience breathless with high powered vocal duets and tender solo vocals in almost every popular music category.

Don’t miss George ‘n Teddy y2k AKA Don & Juan.  Put this show on your must see list and circle it!

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt Brown

The following was a write up he made for George n' Teddy before his death...
George Hamilton